Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm Going Out Right Now & Gettin' Me A Life!

Last night I tossed & turned, flounced & frowned, sighed & stewed {I lurve me some alliteration!} until past 1 AM. Why? Well, I'm a member of a discussion forum ~ more of a lurker really with occasional bouts of darting in with a quick comment then darting back to the safety of the shadows where all the cool kids hang out ~ & yesterday, I started something with someone.

Yes, that's right. Wilma decided it was high time that my tongue became detached from between my teeth & I should just say what I want to say. So I did. & I started a "discussion", to use the term loosely, with someone who is known for not only her aggressive fighting tactics, but also a ninja-like reflex to twist one's words into Cirque de Soleil contortions almost before the Enter button has been hit.

Our "debate" broke out of the forum & into private messages {I took it into the streets, so as not to hijack the original topic} & when I went to bed last night, I was anticipating her various possible responses to my last missive & crafting my numerous witty replies.

What a letdown. Her response doesn't even warrant or deserve a reply, & I wasted a good night's sleep on the best bed made in the history of the world evah on nothing. Nothing!

I've decided that mayhaps, just a teeny, tiny, wee bit, I've been living too much of my life via the interweb & allowing myself to become submersed in a bunch of debacles that, in the whole big scheme of things that is my life, mean less than nothing.

So, Boys & Girls, wish me luck on my quest today to find a life, something to be involved in with meaning & purpose, something other than sitting around staring at a 19" lighted box.

I think I'll go rent a movie.


Fairy Mae said...

you must have had a rotten sleep to be up so early again!
It must be something in the air with aggressive people. I too got a bit of a bite from a woman who won't leave me alone. Only she is on facebook! She must have been searching the web under Kalan Porter and found my blog...interesting to say the least

Wilma said...

Yeah, but this aggressive person didn't give me any bite at all! No teeth, no fangs, not even a snarl.

It was all so anti-climactic, & so not up to her usual standards.

I got worked up over nothing.