Thursday, March 13, 2008

New & Improved DemonSpawn ~ Now With 50% More Demon!

I'm at my wits end.

Look at him. Look at how cute & cuddly & relaxed & innocent he looks.

It's all a big, fat lie! He's driving me crazay! Two days ago, I discovered a nice pile of regurgitated hairball {not new} & after cleaning that up, decided I better take a look around cuz he usually leaves more than one steaming pile present for us to find & I found a poop {this is new}! He pooped on my carpet! In the livingroom!

He has never had an accident in his life. Once, he sprayed a chair when he was in puberty, but Bronco B came to visit with some ether & his jack knife, & the DemonSpawn never sprayed again.

I checked his litter box. Clean. I checked him over. Seemingly healthy. What to think?

Now? He's taken to sitting in the middle of the kitchen table. Puffy & I were putting away groceries last week, & I looked over & there he was, just as bold as brass {my God, how old am I?} sitting on the table blinking at me. I was speechless. All I could do was point & stutter while Puffy shooed him off.

Puffy caught him yesterday & gave him a big swat & this morning I caught him again. He's much too fast for me though, so I used all my years of stage experience to project my voice in a great big ranty yell as he went running down the stairs.

What's going on? What's happening? He's 14 years old, & never been any trouble. He's never gotten on the table or the cupboards, he's never scratched furniture, he's always used his litter box. Sure, he may be surly & menacing to visitors ~ let's be honest, haven't we all at one point or another? ~ but his day-to-day behavior has been impeccable. Now, I've got a defiant teenager on my hands.

I'm making an appointment with the vet. Sudden changes of behavior can be a sign of an illness or other problem, can't it? I'm mad & worried all at once... I'm morried.


Fairy Mae said...

Well...Just from what I have experienced from my own 4-legged kids, it sounds like he is mad at you! What have you done in your routine that has affected him. He is rebelling against you for something.

Wilma said...

The only thing I've altered is that I'm home more.

So, apparently, he wants me out of the house.

Anonymous said...

You've reported making changes around the house. Could be, he's not liking them. Have you disturbed some of his favorite spots or gotten rid of some of his favorite things? Or, with all the activity, has his time with you been diminished, to his mind, markedly?

But, then, I'm with you - straight to the vet. If only they could be as clear about what's not right with them as they are about what they find not right with us, huh?

Wilma said...

Aha! That could be it. You so S-M-R-T smart!

He's still going to the vet ~ his absolutely, positively favourite place in the whole world ~ cuz he's 2 years overdue for his shots.

Mrs.X said...

I agree with the other posters that you may have somehow upset his delicate demon nature. But, I think it is definitely smart to take him to the vet. Our little shits, um loveable animals, have those moments too where they just poop places for no good reason and then, it's back to the normal routine.

I definitely think he needs a kiss though. Look at that face!


I had a 10 year old black lab. Never made a mess in the house ever. Until he got older...then did it almost monthly...took him to the vet, nothing wrong. The vet told us "its just his age, it happens when they get older" hopefully this is not the case for you....good luck!!!

Bruno Rocco said...

Their is only one rule for cat owners and that is CATS RULE They do what they want when they want. If you are home more your probably just catching him in his normal routine laying on your dining room table chewing on your toothbrushes wait till you catch him wearing some of your fabulous shoes. But yah better take him for that visit to the vet let him know who's boss.