Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Am So Great, I Am So Great. Everybody Loves Me, I Am So Great!

I am tooting my own horn loud & proud today! Why, you may ask? Well, boys & girls, Wilma, Queen of Procrastinators, has finished up some paperwork & a speechy thingy 4 days early! Yes, you read that correctly, I have finished up something that must be ready on Sunday by Wednesday afternoon.

A new record.

I am almost speechless, except I'm too busy praising myself loudly to... well, the DemonSpawn I guess, since no-one else is around.

Time to celebrate with some chocolate & a beer. Mayhaps a nap?


Mrs.X said...

I'm glad I was sitting down.

Wilma said...

Yes, there's some craziness going on here at Chez Wilma.

I'm getting confused.