Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mourning Over

~ couldn't handle all the freakin' black & lime green here at DBM, so I've declared a moratorium on mourning. Reggie will be happy in Montreal, & I will be happy when the Riders have a better record than the Alouettes. This is my prediction; this is what I believe.

So long, Reaper. I'll miss you most of all.

A fab highlight reel of the 2007 season, featuring Reggie in the final seconds.


french panic said...

yaaaaay! I couldn't handle the freakin' black & lime green either.

Tom Weston said...

maybe you can move to Montréal too. It isn't such a bad city. Not as friendly as the prairies, but it sure can be pretty.

You could even be our neighbour. We're only a 25 minute walk to the football stadium.

Mrs.X said...

Thank God! I was sooo not liking the black and lime.

Wilma said...

I would move to Montreal, but only if I could pick up my house & take it with me, cuz I really lurve my house.

& then Puffy would have to find a job. Cuz I don't work.

But, I can't justify leaving all that is here {HAHAHAHAHA!} for one man. Not even my Reggie. I will have to worship him from afar, & hope that he comes to his senses & comes back to the land of sunshine.