Friday, February 01, 2008

Free Day!

Wilma so happy, so mucho happy, me gusta, me gusta happy today!

It's a free day! No meetings, no working, no plans, no company, no distractions, no interruptions, no Puffy {he's working}, no anything at all going on. After the last 4 days of having to go out in the bitter cold & winter storms, I don't have to leave the house, get dressed, shower, wash my face, NOTHING & I am damned pleased about it.

I have a couple speechy-thingies I need to write by Saturday night, but I plan to take my sweet-ass time about it. Maybe watch some movies on TCM, interspersed by a pre-nap nap, harrassing DemonSpawn, staring out the window with drool running down my chin, and making crank phone calls to all the 1-866 numbers that have called me in the last month.

What a sweet, sweet day it will be.


Queen of Halloween said...

I feel so happy for feel the same way and plan on doing what your doing [except for writing speechy things & harrassing the cat] enjoy your day! QoH

Queen of Halloween said...

Oops meant to say tomorrow, which will be Saturday and that's going to be my vegetation day! I should have known you wouldn't have been up as early as me [weekends included] in order to write a weekend post ;)Have a nice day anyways...QoH