Sunday, February 03, 2008

Movie Day

There aren't enough hours in the day to do what I want to do.

So I rented a movie & ignored my to-do list completely.

I'm still working on my "must see" Oscar list from last year. Only one more to go ~ 'Pan's Labyrinth' you're next! Finally scratched 'The Queen' off that list today.

What a performance! Helen Mirren deserved the Oscar for Best Actress, hands down. She succeeded in putting a familiar face on someone who is an intensely private & unapproachable person. Don't we all feel like Queen Elizabeth II just lives down the street?

Now, boys & girls, I know that it's a fictional account of what may have transpired in the days after Diana was killed, but it is believable, n'est pas? Can you imagine what it was like for the royal family in those dark days after the accident, struggling with conflicting feelings? Put yourself in their shoes ~ who else gets chastised for not commenting on the death of their son's former wife? Who else must show a public display of mourning & grief?

A wonderful script beautifully acted. Glad I watched it.


Bruno Rocco said...

I thought it was a very good MOVIE

Fairy Mae said...

I quite liked it too!

Tom Weston said...

don't give away the ending.

I haven't seen it yet.