Saturday, January 19, 2008


Answer Gal, what are 7 weird facts about the evil DemonSpawn that you can share with us?

Ooooh, that's a good one. Thank you, Suki for asking that question.

7 Weird Facts About DemonSpawn

1. He likes to sing along with moi while I am rehearsing my choir songs, playing the organ, singing in the shower or practising guitar. He's got quite the alto voice, although there's a little too much vibralto in some of the higher notes. We're working on his delivery.

2. His favourite food is green olives.

3. He sucks his front left leg when he is being petted, is purring & is content. He has done this since he was a baby. In fact, the fur on that leg is discoloured from this habit.

4. He lurves his Furminater, but absolutely refused to let us use any other brush or comb. & by refused I mean hissed, bared his fangs then ran away.

5. He lurves Puffy WAAAAAAY more than he lurves me. That is so weird!

6. He lurves to be patted firmly {read ~ harder than you pat a baby to make it burp} on his back right in front of his tail. Puffy started doing that to him when he was really young & he's lurved it ever since. He will actually brace his feet & shove his back against your hand while you're doing it.

7. He hates other cats. In fact, I don't think he's aware that he is a cat. I'm pretty sure he just thinks he's a short person. Although, he also hates short people {children} so maybe he just thinks Puffy & I are tall cats. He also hates Allan Clarke. & Puffy's sister, Lizard. & Zippy the PinHead. Well, pretty much everyone except Puffy & me, & sometimes I wonder if he likes me.

If anyone else would like to play the game, have at 'er.


Anonymous said...

would love to add one comment about evildemonspon is that he loves ....people that dislike cats!!

love yah

Wilma said...

You are right ~ his favourite people are those who dislike cats!

Anonymous said...

Also, when Wilma and Puffy are away, he lets me pet him. I'm not saying he enjoys it, and probably he understands that I provide food in their absence, so really he's just humoring me. But its something!