Saturday, January 19, 2008

Top 6 Things I Avoided Blogging About This Week

We haven't had a Top 6 here at DBM for a while {a whole month, actually. Shame, shame young lady! } Contrary to popular belief ~ Puffy ~ these things don't just flow out of my head like melted butter onto popcorn. I have to LITERALLY sit down & think of a theme, then strain my Alzheimer brain into thinking of 6 things {not as easy as it sounds} about that theme, then I have to actually sit down & type it out in a pleasing manner that is amusing & grammatically correct.

Sheesh. I'm tired already & I haven't even started. Maybe I should change it to Top 3? Cuz we all know I'm lazy. Yup. LAAAAAZ-AY!

Anyhoo, so here are some things that I'm just randomly tossing out of my head about this past week. I've been avoiding them for one reason or another, & this will probably be the only time they see the light of day, unless I get some good wine or martinis thrown down my gullet in which case, I'll be blogging about them until Easter.

6. Kent Austin leaving the Roughriders as head coach.
5. Working 7 days since Jan. 10th after swearing I was taking the month off.
4. Doing the year-end financial reports for the place-where-I-worship {which I haven't quite finished yet & am already 3 days late on}
3. Puffy putting in 12 hours overtime in the last 3 days.
2. Getting some sad news which I cannot talk about anyway, but it's still on my mind.
1. Another splurge member flaking on the group & quitting mid-splurge.

There. I've purged myself now of the things that have bothered me this week.

May we never speak of this again.

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