Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Has anyone checked out the TV show Extras yet? I stayed up late last night to make sure I took it in & am I ever glad I did!

The show follows the ups & downs of two actors {extras, never the leads} through their roles in various projects & features an incredible lineup of guest stars.

Last night ~ Kate Winslet.

You gotta check this out! Where else are you gonna hear Kate Winslet refer to a penis as a "purple-headed womb ferret" while offering advice on how to have phone sex?

Tuesday nights on The Comedy Network.

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Tom Weston said...


it is good.

kate winslet is mostly forgiven for her unacceptable performance in Titanic. Who can you just sit on a suitcase while your boyfriend slowly freezes to death? Was there not another suitcase floating about? And, for that matter, is sitting on a suitcase while still wet, really going to improve your chances?