Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top 6 Things I Like About Christmas Time

Now boys & girls, Wilma knows she does a lot of bitching this time of year, a LOT, & some of it is deserved, but most of it isn't. That's right. I admit it. Let's move on, shall we? Nothin' to see here, folks.

In spite of the depression & grumpiness & general fatigue & ennui, there are some things that I like about this time of year. Here's a sampling, off the top of my head, in no particular order:

6. I get to talk to my aunts & uncles that I don't see very often. They all stopped sending Christmas cards & do phone calls instead, so once a year we chat & get caught up with our lives. It's great!
5. Christmas lights. I do like me an impressive Christmas light display. One block away is a man with a whole herd of reindeer & moose in his yard, not to mention the other 50,000 lights he's got going on. It's great, too!
4. People are a little nicer. They stop to chat & really listen, they show concern for others, & make an effort not to be complete twits. That's great!
3. Snow. I like snow. Now I know it's not only here at Christmas time, & I'm sure in a month I'll be complaining about all the damn snow, but I really likes me some snow at Christmas. Plus, I have some stylin' coats, boots & hats to wear, not to mention new sweaters, so I'm digging the snow. It's great!
2. Treats. Nothin' says lovin' like treats & there are a lot of treats out there. Chocolates, cookies, tarts, nuts 'n' bolts ~ you name it, I've eaten it in the last week. They're great!
1. Christmas cards. I like Christmas cards. Lots of my friends, family & acquaintances are still sending the old fashioned, made of paper & put a stamp on it & mail it Christmas cards. I lurve them. Expecially the ones with photos in them. My fridge is full of the faces of other people's children. It's great!

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