Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Foggy Brain Blues

Didja ever watch "Adventures in Babysitting" & wish you were in the movie? Like, for real? Meeting Thor & driving down the freeway really fast in a station wagon ~ BTW, Wilma learned to drive on a 1976 Town & Country Station Wagon forest green with wood panelling, & yes, those puppies can fly! ~ & stumbling into a blues bar & having to make up a song? Anyone? Bueller?

I can't be the only one.

Well, if I didn't have a severe case of the FoggyBrain, I'd be making up some blues for all you boys & girls right now. I think it would go something like this....

I can't sleep {can't sleep}
I can't eat {can't eat}
I hurt {I hurt}
In my feet {my dogs are barkin'}
Ooooo, oooo-ooo!
My dogs are barkin'
I've been workin' all day
& slavin' all night
My headache bump is shining
& my brain ain't workin' right
I've got the blues {baby, baby}
Yeah, yeah
I've got the blues {baby, baby}
I've got the Foggy
Foggy Brain Blues.

I'm off to make up chords on my git-fiddle & then I'm singing for y'all. For reals.

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