Sunday, December 16, 2007

Driving Instructors Required

Just got home from "The Big City" where I spent the last couple days with my good, good friends Peanut & Hussy. There were martinis, presents, dancing, eating {how much do I lurve The Ivy? A lot!}, laughing, sharing, shopping & a DBM.

Yes, boys & girls, what Wilma adventure would be complete without a Death Bed Moment?

There we were, cruising along Circle Drive, minding our own business, when a car merged onto the freeway. Said car decided to take 3 lanes at once & since there had been fog the night before, the pavement was frosty. Said car started to fishtail, when said driver lost control & started doing 360s in the lane beside us. Thanks to the sharp eyes of Peanut, who noticed the car spinning & yelled to Hussy "Go! GO!", & thanks to the quick response of Hussy, who didn't even question the order but stepped on it, we narrowly avoided disaster. As we sped away, we all stared wide-eyed at the rear end of the car flying by ours at a close distance ~ like a couple feet.

Needless to say, Hussy needed her puffer {asthma} & Peanut & I needed ours {tobacco} once we arrived at our destination, shaken but not stirred.

As we were leaving that parking lot, Hussy managed to avoid getting backed over by a 3/4 ton truck whose driver apparently never heard of shoulder-checking or review mirrors.

We cabbed the rest of the evening. It just seemed like the universe was telling us to.

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