Thursday, November 22, 2007


Ok, seriously, why did everyone say the same thing when I told them I was sick?

Moi: "I'm not feeling very well. I've got a bad cold/sore throat thingy."
Everyone: "What, again?"

Reality check, boys & girls. I haven't been sick since July. That's four long months. & before that, it was February. That's five long months. I really don't think that getting a cold/flu thingy 3 times a year is that frequent. So shut up.

Yes, I'm cranky. If there's one thing that makes me cranky, it's people trying to make me feel like I'm a hypochondriac. Or weak. Or both.

Another thing that makes me cranky is a constant headache. Which I have. Because I have a sinus infection. My stalkee doctor said so when I snuck into his office today via the back door which I just happen to have a key for.

I digress.

On the plus, I've been given the wonder pills so am looking forward to feeling much better by tomorrow.

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