Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Top 6 Coaching Tips

Saskatchewan is in the Grey Cup against Winnipeg {Boo! Hiss!} The first time in history these two rivals will face each other at “The Big Show”. It promises to be a barn-burner {for you folks not from here, that means one helluva party!}.

I think we’ve got a great shot at bringing home The Cup, but I do have some suggestions {read: demands} to Kent Austin for the boys to follow out there on the field.

So, after extensive research {rabidly following the team all year & talking to 1 other fan} here are my top 6 suggestions for the playoffs:

6. Special teams MUST start blocking on the kick-off return so Corey Holmes can do his thing. He has yet to light up the field & it is NOT his fault. They need to start parting the waters for him.
5. Stick your tackles! Too many times we see receivers gaining 10, 15 yards after first contact. NOT ACCEPTABLE!
4. The O-line has to create openings for the running backs. Too much time & effort is being wasted for little gain.
3. Don’t underestimate Dinwiddie. He may not have played much this season, but he’s hungry & anxious to prove himself & isn’t that the stuff that sappy American football underdog movies are made of? Watch him like a hawk.
2. No stupid penalties. No procedure calls, no illegal forward pass {although, really, Joseph wasn’t over the line of scrimmage but whatever, we won, no hard feelings, stupid ref} no pass interference. Keep it clean & we’ll prevail.
1. Have fun! Don’t lose sight of the fact that you defeated the number 1 team in the league, the defending Grey Cup champs, to get where you are. You are worthy. Show the rest of the country.

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