Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wilma ~ Day 15, Puffy ~ Day 10

We're going for a record here at Chez Wilma... who can be sick the longest? It'll be nip & tuck but we're both determined to put up a strong fight & prevail as the winner.

I'm trying REALLY hard not to let depression take over. It's hard to be upbeat, witty & interesting when your brain hurts. If you wanted to help out poor ol' Wilma, please send her a joke or funny story via email to cheer her up.

Thanx much!


Headgirl said...

Sadly, my flu dead brain can't help you.... sorry!
sicky - BluE

Queen of Halloween said...

I'd like to post a joke...only I don't know one or if I did know one I'd probably mess it up. So I guess I'll just send you a long note about getting better and tell you to quit sniffing those cold bugs! Hope you begin to feel better soon!
ps...I've had my share...so please no sharing. Also I'm so sorry that the poor kitty across the street had to pass away so badly and the trauma of that had to not help!
So you and Puff get better soon as you'll need all of your strength to make it through the coming festivities!