Monday, November 26, 2007

Update For Those Who Care ~ & For Those Who Don't {Although Why Would You Be Here If You Didn't?}

Yesterday I had a relapse ~ although, how can you call it a relapse when I haven't exactly been well yet? I think I over-exerted myself by getting up early, going to the-place-where-I-worship, having lunch, & attending choir practice. Yes, it was a little much for these old bones & last night I was running a fever.

No, I wasn't just overheated from the excitement of the Grey Cup {did I mention the Riders won? Oh, I didn't? RIDERS WIN! RIDERS WIN! RIDERS WIN! RIDERS WIN! RIDERS WIN! etc.}

So, I am now on self-imposed house arrest until things improve/the medication finally kicks in/someone shoots me in the head.

Puffy is still down for the count, & now has been called in to see the Doctor {yes, the one that I'm stalking} to "discuss test results" tomorrow.

So, pretty much I'm depressed & pouting & ready to die. Or eat a lot of cheese. Whichever I can scrape up the energy for.

1 comment:

Headgirl said...

Full of sympathhy as feeling shitty my-self having caught Little Buddy virus...
Shame we can't get together to share moans & medicinal toddies!

Take care