Saturday, November 24, 2007

Twas The Night Before Grey Cup

I received this in email ~ not sure of the author, but lurved the effort put into it!

Twas the night before Grey Cup,
and all through the Dome,
Not a creature was stirring,
but the gophers back home.

The players were nestled
and snug in their beds,
While visions of Grey Cup Rings
danced in their heads.

When out on the field,
there arose such a clatter,
Kent sprang from his bed
to see what was the matter.

Away to his window,
he flew like a flash,
Threw aside the Green Curtains,
and Silky White Sash.

And what did he see
with his wondering eye?
But a sea of Green Revellers
and a furry brown guy.

"That looks like Dominguez,
and Flick and Fantuz!"
"Its way after curfew!
Do they want us to lose??"

So, out of his room
and down to the field,
Coach Austin stormed out
with a fury to wield.

As he went through the tunnel,
the ground shook with a beat,
From the dancing and prancing
of ten thousand feet.

"Hey Coach," cried a voice,
"Whatcha doing down here?"
It was Szarka with Schultz,
and they were handing out beer!

Chucky and Chick
were grilling up Dogs,
With Burgers being served
by O'Day and the Hogs.

Crandall cooked Hot Wings,
Joseph grilled steak,
While Cates, Holmes, and Hughes
helped Makowsky serve cake.

"This is nuts!" Austin shouted,
"It's one-thirty AM!
I expected some revelry,
but this is mayhem!"

Eric Tillman tapped Austin,
" You're not Eagle Keys -"
"But I'm not Berry, or Gotta,
or Gregory so PLEASE!"

"You're all waddling around here
like Wascana geese!
And in need of a dance coach
like Donald Narcisse."

"Now, you've all had your fun,
so back to your rooms."
But then Austin's nose
picked up barbecue fumes.

Then 'Green Is The Colour'
rang out through the air,
As Congi and Boreham
played Banjos with flair.

On Davis, on Johnson,
on Coach Ritchie Hall,
Even old Alex Smith
flashed a smile after all,

On Lloyd, on McCullough,
on Hunt and on Perry,
On Kornegay,Frazier,
and yes, even Kerry.

The skydome was filled
with a soft greenish glow,
And the whole RiderNation
set poised for a show.

An S and a wheat sheaf
then formed in the air,
And a smile took the place
of Coach Kent Austin's glare.

Then everyone there,
the players, the fans,
They formed a big circle
by all holding hands,

And right in the centre
appeared the Grey Cup,
Which Fairholm and Ridgway
and Elgaard picked up.

They handed it over
to Ritchie and Kent,
Who called Kerry and Eddie,
and off the Cup went.

It was passed round the field,
to past heroes and present,
While Gainer dug holes
for the Blue Bomber Pheasants.

That music was heard
coast to coast people say
And they say Rider Pride
grew three sizes that day.

Everyone left there
dreaming of Bomber doom.
And they sent all the Banjos
to Troy Westwood's room.

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!!!!!! I'm e-amailing it to Westwood