Saturday, November 24, 2007

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Our neighbours are receiving help today from a clean-up crew that specializes in helping victims of house fires. From what I could tell glancing out the window, the crew is part of the insurance companies' arsenal for their clients.

Yesterday, after an inspection by someone looking very official {fire inspector, insurance man, I don't know} they were able to enter their home & cover the windows with plywood. I'm not sure if the power has been turned back on or not, but I hope so as it's below 0 & the elements in conjunction with the fire/smoke/water damage can only cause more harm to their house.

I admit, I'm somewhat curious as to all the hoops you must jump through when a fire happens in your home, but mostly I'm concerned for them. I want to go ask if they need anything or if I can help in any way, but I'm still not in any shape physically to be able to help with much & I feel like it would be perceived as an empty gesture. Puffy said the same thing. He's suffering from a viral infection & is home from work under doctor's orders. He even got a note & everything. So he wouldn't be much good to them, either.

I'm hoping that they will be able to fix their house. Despite my initial reservations when they first moved in, they are really good neighbours. Well, that & I don't want them to be homeless. There isn't much available here right now what with the real estate boom & everything.

Let's all take a minute & offer up a thought for them to whomever or whatever you believe in.


Headgirl said...

Fire, homeless folk & burned kitties... life in the praires gets worse.
Joking apart - Seeing the cats trapped must have been truly awful. I'd have done crazy.
Do you really have a house boom???
If so, missed my oportunity...

Take care

Wilma said...

Well, there are a lot of people leaving Alberta & B.C. cuz the housing market is crazy there right now.
So they're coming to Saskatchewan, looking for a cheaper place to live, a smaller community where it's safer to raise their kids or retire.
There are only about 3 houses for sale right now & none of them are shit-hot.