Monday, November 05, 2007

I Got FACC'd in Kamsack!

How clever! How witty! How droll! Thanx much to Queen of Halloween for coming up with that slogan. We all need shirts.

The festival was good. Saw lots of people I only see twice a year, had some fun times chatting & laughing & smoking & drinking & eating with friends of the theatre. Got a new monkey {photos to follow} named Larry, who had a swell time at festival.

Our play was well-received by the audience & the adjudicator {always a plus} & we ended up taking home the Technical/Backstage Award, plus I was given an Honorable Mention for Acting! Wouldn't have been able to achieve this without the amazing job the rest of the cast did raising the bar on the performance & setting us all on fire!

This was my first individual recognition & I was very thrilled & honoured to receive it. Also, pleased as punch to share it with my good friends Veronica & Ricco. We are all too cool for school now, boys & girls! Autograph signings begin next week.

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