Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Crying Tour Of Dodge Is Officially Over

This past week has been hard on poor ol' Wilma, boys & girls.

As part of my duties with the-place-where-I-worship, I lead a worship service every other month at the local senior carehome. This month, the service was on Tuesday. Being so close to Remembrance Day, I thought it only right to make that the focus of the reflection.

Now, normally I'm a cold-hearted bitch who would kick a puppy or child for whining ~ you all know that ~ but Remembrance Day makes me very emotional. I have 4 family members who have served in the military in one capacity or another, through WWI up to the peace-keeping missions in Bosnia & Croatia in the '90s, so I have personal ties with this day. It is not an abstract concept to me ~ it means something to me.

Needless to say, the tears were flowing as I read my {I thought relatively bland} prayers & thoughts about November 11th.

Today, I was the guest speaker at the Royal Canadian Legion's Remembrance Day service. Again, I was not able to speak with much force as I fought tears & emotions.

I just want to reiterate ~ Crying Tour '07 is now over. There is nothing to see here, folks. Go about your business.

The Bitch is Back.

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