Thursday, October 04, 2007

We Are Frickin' Geniuses

J-Rod & I got together the other night & did some revisions on "The Play". I am incredibly impressed by our own brilliance. The bits we added are even more funny when played ~ TamTam is doing a bang-up job of making us fall on the floor laughing.

Rehearsals are, in a word, fantastic! I am having so much fun. Everyone is getting into character & it's better than I imagined it when we were writing.

I can't express my gratitude to the group enough. They are so supportive of our writing, & willing to perform our "masterpieces", it just leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside!

Thanks, everyone, for your belief in us.


Headgirl said...

Glad to hear the play is going well. I think you're amazing writing the stuff. I presume you're acting too...

Tkae care

Wilma said...

Yes, I'm back on stage in a supporting role, & loving every minute of it.