Monday, October 15, 2007

Too Early

The phone rang this morning at 9 AM ~ I know! How rude! ~ & when I rolled over to pick it up, my hand forgot what its purpose in life was & dropped the receiver back into the cradle.

Normally, I wouldn't care, as anyone phoning that early is usually a telemarketer {friends & family know better than to risk the Wrath of Wilma} but this time it was the window-maker. One of our new windows came slightly damaged & so they are going to replace. I lurve warranties!

I've been having massive trouble getting to sleep lately. Concerns & worries about the play have repeatedly rolled through my head as I'm tossing & turning & hitting Puffy in the face with a pillow {it was an accident ~ promise!}. I'm not worried about the show itself, just some organizational issues that keep coming to me. It was my responsibility for years to ensure that all things & all people were taken care of, & even though it is no longer my domain, it is hard to shut off the control freak inside of me. I think she kinda looks like this:
My dilemma is: do I mention anything & risk offending the people who are in charge of these departments... or do I shut my mouth & risk something not being done cuz they are unaware that it needs to be?

Decisions, decisions. What's a super-genius to do?

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean...I'm having the same issues on what I used to do for years!
Do we jump in or not?
My question is...why do some take things on and expect these things to happen by themselves? I say "either don't volunteer or learn to ask for help"!
Also...I found, that, if you want something that's important to you, done right, you have to do it yourself! My willing hands are here to help!