Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Skinny Dipping At The Lake

This story, requested by the masses, is a two-parter. A two-parter cuz I have partaken of the skinny-dipping more than once, & both times resulted in a fab story that I shall tell you now in great detail & with no exaggeration whatsoever on my part. Honest & for true.

Skinny Dipping At Cochin aka Who's That? 1990

Whilst in the middle of one of my frequently reoccurring throat infections, Puffy & I were invited up to the cabin by some generous & fun-loving friends. Said friends enjoy a drink or 6, & surprisingly enough, so do we!

Several others were also invited, making for a fun-filled, intoxicating & intoxicated weekend. There was BBQing, there was laughing & joke telling, there was singing around the camp fire, there was a sign hanging out front which alluded to someones sex life ~ this weekend had it all! I was at that stage in the throat infection where I sounded like a cross between Joan Rivers & Kathleen Turner & Mel Torme. You know, the 1-900 phone sex voice.

One night, after copious amounts of red wine {which our host assured me was healthy & would make me better} 3 of us ladies ~ & I use that term loosely ~ decided that 2:30 AM was THE PERFECT time for a swim. Off we went into the lake {which was super warm, BTW, & no it wasn't cuz I was drunk & had a fever} leaving a trail of clothing behind us, draping the last bits of our decency over a boat conveniently moored along our path.

It was a bright, moonlit night. I can picture it clearly. It was a beautiful night.The moon shimmering off the lake, everything looking a little blurry, I couldn't even feel the greeblies under my feet. There we were, giggling & chatting & laughing & mayhaps even snorting.

Someone said, "Can you imagine if someone was listening to us?" Out of the darkness, a disembodied male voice answered, "There is". I screamed. FancyPants screamed. FancyPants' sister screamed. We all looked {Sis & I a little harder than Fancy since we both didn't have our glasses on} & there he stood. FancyPants' friend, Hot Doc.

Sis & I laughed, then beat a hasty retreat. We'd had enough swimming for one day.

Skinny Dipping At Wakaw aka Abort! Abort! 2003ish

Peanut had graciously extended an invitation to the lake, so FancyPants & I took full advantage. We travelled up & were greeted with hugs, salutations, & martinis.

It was a beautiful night. The lake looked like glass. It was so calm & quiet & peaceful we just couldn't let it stay that way. Someone suggested skinny-dipping. Who it was isn't important. All right! It was me! Are you happy? At least, I think it was me. Things are a little fuzzy ~ martinis. Self-explanatory.

Peanut, FancyPants & I decided to partake. Vinnie {wisely} decided not to. The cabin is on the waterfront, so we thought we'd just climb off the dock & paddle around a bit. Ooooh, how daring!

Fancy went in first. Then Peanut followed. Disaster struck, as it often does when Peanut & I & martinis get together. I don't want to say we're accident-prone but...

As Peanut was sliding into the water, he sliced his leg on an exposed nail head {rusty, naturally} on the side of the dock. Pandemonium ensued. We all ran around frantically wondering what to do.

Luckily, there were first-aid supplies in the cabin, & the patient was tended to & given a martini to ward off shock.

Man, did he get one helluva scar.


Bruno Rocco said...

I do recall this was quite an eventful evening but I do remember it a little different I remember actually swimming floating and laughing in the water as vinnie watched in disbelief.

It was on my exit out of the water

that my clutsyness (not really a word) got me in trouble .

The medics were wonderful though scurring around tending to my needs mixing me a martini to prevent shock.

And that flipping scar was their for almost a year.

Oh those memories of skinny dipping

Wilma said...

You may be right. I am, as usual, a little fuzzy on all the details.

Couldn't be the martinis, could it?

Tom Weston said...

i wish all swimming was done naked.

clorine wreaks everything anyway, and it's not like the average swim suit hides all that much.

mostly i like how naked people just seem friendlier, and not exactly in that perverted way... just friendlier.

and I hate my swim suit.