Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Football Needs Are Satisfied For This Week

What a blissful, fabulous first 30 minutes of the telecast. CBC had some technical difficulties & there was no commentary during that time. What a blissful, fabulous 30 minutes!

& then. They figured it out & those jerks wouldn't shut up! SERENITY NOW!

I'm better. It's ok. We're cool. Cuz the Riders won against Calgary 33 - 21. Again. I lurve the Riders. I really do.

Congi's trying for a "Robo-Kicker" title of his own. All of a sudden, the guy is booting the ball to an impressive distance. What happened? Who cares? It's working. The guy's a freakin' automaton!

Two things Puffy & I did to help out with the victory:

1) We did NOT touch the free Riders/Pilsner football that we got with a case of beer. I was sharp-eyed & super-genius enough to notice every time we touched the ball during a game, the boys lost, hence the new rule that came into being: No touchy the bally.

2) I wore my Riders '89 Grey Cup Champs t-shirt & Bobby Jurasin "Land of the Rising Sun" bandanna {that I stole from BamBam during last year's annual group garage sale} during the game & they won. So, you know what I'll be wearing during every game from now until they lose while I'm wearing it during the game.

I am very superstitious. Just in case you couldn't pick that up from what I've been telling you over the 1 1/2 years.

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