Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can't Talk...Reading

I have rediscovered my local lending library & it's great! They went all 21st Century on me when I wasn't looking. Now you can search for books, find out which branch they are located at, & put in order requests all from the privacy of your own home. In your underwear, if desired ~ kinda like now.

So, I'm immersed in two attention-grabbing series right now:
  • The Women's Murder Club - James Patterson {be on the lookout Friday as the TV series based on the books premieres!}

  • The Alex Cross Books - James Patterson {two have been made into movies starring Morgan Freeman}

In addition {HAHAHA! I just typed 'addiction', how apropos}, my in-laws are doing some "cleaning" at their house {more like going through stuff & getting rid of junk they haven't used in a while. Mayhaps they would like to offer me some incentive to do the same cuz Chez Wilma is getting a little crowded with all my packrat tendencies...} & she called me over to go through some books she decided to part with.

So I'm also in the middle of reading the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell.

When I'm reading, all time stands still. I literally fall into books like Alice down the rabbit hole. I hear nothing, see nothing, think of nothing else but what I'm reading while I'm reading. I've been like this ever since I started reading at age 5. I also find it hard to put a book down until I'm finished it. Needless to say, I've been having some late nights, & some pajama days as I've been working my way through the 3 series.

I have always felt a twinge of sympathy for people who don't find pleasure in reading. I have devoured books for 31 years. Books of all shapes & sizes. Books of all genres & plotlines. My favs are murder-death-kill books, but I do enjoy the occasional fantasy or historical fiction, & on a much more rare basis, a "beach book". I can't choke down a Danielle Steele anymore to save my life, but there are some romance novelists that I do like to read as a change of pace.


Anonymous said...

You never told me you felt "sympathy" for me--I am sorry!! Can I still be your friend?

Wilma said...

You're my friend to the end, Baby!

I know reading isn't your thing. We all have different interests. I guess cuz reading is such an addictive past-time for me, I just can't quite understand how it isn't like that for everyone.

For me it's education, entertainment, and escape from reality all rolled into one.

Anonymous said...

Like you need any more escape from reality!!!

(just joking - really couldn't resist)

a lurker