Monday, September 03, 2007

My Week Is Full & It's Only Monday!

Work called, I'm tagged in. Well, "work" didn't actually call, cuz that is just an impossibility since it is a faceless, anonymous mega-corporation, but you know what I meant. A girl from work called.

I'm drafted in for the rest of the week, but Conrad called & is headed down to Wilmaville to visit Grandma & wants me to go along. I want to go along. I want to see how she's doing, & maybe take her some jokes {she likes the jokes} & visit some other rellies while I'm there. Puffy & I last travelled there in February of 2006, so it's been far too long. My Grandma hasn't even seen me since I was a married woman! Shame, shame.

Also, rehearsals begin this week. I'm super-psyched! What the? Did I just take the way-back machine to 1985? Why is my hair so big? Why am I hearing nothing but synthesizers? Mr. Peabody, take me home! Oh, wait, the '80s were my fav decade. Nevermind. Leave me here with my leg warmers, Pointer Sisters cassettes, & robin's egg blue painter pants. I'm good.

I digress.

So, rehearsals begin this week. It's gonna be fun! It's gonna be magical! Betty is our illustrious director ~ in fact, she insisted ~ so I'm thinking she's gots some trix up her sleeves. Looking forward to her ideas. Looking forward to making some money. Looking forward to {hopefully} seeing Grandma.

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