Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Apple

Last year, Puffy & I planted an apple tree, a dwarf Gemini apple tree. It is supposed to have average-sized apples, but the plant will be 50% smaller than the regular tree ~ a mature height of 12-15 feet ~ for smaller yards & smaller people. So they can pick them. Without falling off a ladder. Have I mentioned that I'm clumsy?

How long do you think it should take for a tree to acclimatize, to mature enough to bear fruit? 3 - 5 years was my guess. I was wrong. I have an apple. After one year. Isn't it beee-u-tiful?

There were 6ish blooms on the tree this year {which is only about 5 1/2 feet tall} but I never thought it would produce. Well, it did!

Here's how big it really is.

I'm not sharing.


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. But how are you going to get 10 apple pies, apple sauce, apple butter and out of one apple.

If you need more ---please oh please come get some (however you have to climb a ladder). I have the old fashioned kind and I picked 11 bags of apples and there are at least another 11 bags on the top that I cant get to.


Wilma said...

I know! I could get, maybe, an apple tart out of it. Maybe.

I would pick your apples if I were closer. I really would. & I would fall off the ladder, too.

Headgirl said...

Its a lovely Apple!

I suggest baking it whole stuffed with your favourote dried / preserved fruit with some brown sugar. Delicious.
Sadly my apples are too small for that treat.