Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weigh Day Part Deux - Day 13 & 14

Ach! I'm behind. Pretty soon, I'll be so far behind I'll be ahead of everyone. Or so far behind that no one will care anymore. Either way, I'll be behind.

Day 13 was great! y-5. Yeehaw!

Day 14, not so great. y-3.


french panic said...

Am I to understand that you are weighing yourself EVERY DAY? Or was weigh day 13 and weigh day 14 a week or so apart?

I am about to kick off my own weight challenge this weekend. Should be, uh, fun....

Wilma said...

We're weighing every week. Yeah, now that I look at it, it's not very clear. Kinda like me!

Good luck with your weight challenge. I've found it very helpful to have a buddy to compete against.

french panic said...

Thanks Wilma - for the clarity and the luck. I had a hyperventilation moment thinking "oooo-eeeee! daily weigh-ins is a wonderful plan for complete sabatoge!"

my weight-loss buddy has started a blog about her latest weight loss challenge and invited me to join the blog today. Once I get over my inital fear of sort-of publicly announcing I am more pudge than sleek hotness, I will post to it. maybe. yes. ack.