Sunday, July 15, 2007

What Next?

Here I am, minding my own business, planning a fun-filled Whooplah Hooplah Weekend, & I've relapsed.

I can't even friggin' believe that the DeathCold is back. Not in full force, mind you, but it is here. The phlegm {oh, & joyful, vast amounts of phlegm} the sore throat, the intermittent hot spells & chills, the coughing {not the emphysema victim cough. Yet.} it's all here with the added bonus of an earache. Nice touch, doncha think?

So, for the first time since time was created, I am in Dodge on Whooplah Hooplah Weekend, & I attended NOTHING! Well, not exactly nothing. I did do my duty & work my shift at the pancake breakfast, followed by the Cowboy Church Service. & I did watch the parade from my front deck yesterday. But that's it! No dancing, no car show, no rodeo, no burgers {I don't normally eat red meat, but the Dodge Whooplah Hooplah Weekend burgers are the best EVAH!} no beer gardens, no FUN.

Puffy & moi had a wonderful dinner invitation tonight & I couldn't go. Had to cancel when I realized that, no matter how much I was looking forward to it, I couldn't risk making our hosts & their other guests sick.

Can you hear the whine in my voice? Can you? Well, you should.


Anonymous said...

are you feeling better? (those eyes on that cat get me everytime--and me being the cat lover that I am)

Wilma said...

The fever has subsided, but the sore throat has spread to both sides & I'm fighting nausea as well.

Not the best timing, as I must work the rest of the week. My doctor wasn't getting back til late afternoon today from holidays, so I guess I'll have to try to see him after work.

Anonymous said...

We missed you at the party. We tried to have fun without you, but it just wasn't the same. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
T3 and spouse

Bruno Rocco said...

I hope your feeling better, I finally went to doctor yesterday got some drugs to kill the throat,ear and sinus infection that has nestled in my skull. It is kind of weird we seem to get the smae sickness's What's up with that ?. Still lounging at the lake interrupted only by the insistant hacking and near vomiting attacks.