Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Update

What a fab time!

I travelled to Harmony to pick up FancyPants Friday afternoon. Whilst getting gas, we were hit with a crazay freak rain/hail storm with strong winds that drove water under the door of the station. We got soaked running to the car, & had to spend a few minutes waiting it out as visibility was down to less than nothing. That's right, we couldn't even see behind us, it was THAT BAD.

Arrived at Velvis' by 8:45. Had some yummy slushy with boozes in it, ordered in pizza, laughed & talked for the evening. Wonderful. Does everyone out there know that A.R. lives in Calgary?

Saturday morning dawned bright & early for all of us, & after brunch {which was pretty stingy on the hash browns ~ shame, shame} we headed out to Reitman's for some shopping. FancyPants outdid us all, taking home two full bags of clothes, although Velvis did manage to make 3 trips to the cashier.

Then... HORSE RACES! Bear, worried about his girls, called from The Queen City {rhymes with a lady part} to advise Velvis on where to go & how to get there. We just made it to the first race, after craftily parking behind the stables as he suggested. The Ex was on this weekend, so the other parking lots were crazy busy. FancyPants had never been {she'd never been?} to the races, so yet another year with another racing virgin for us to enjoy. We managed to meet "Annoying Drunk Guy", "Annoying Drunk Bachelor Party Guys", & saw the funniest t-shirt of the weekend ~

"I found Jesus... he was behind the sofa the whole time."

Final tally betwixt the two of us who were betting with actual money & not fairy gold dust in our imaginations: $80.10 taken in, $90.00 bet. Not bad, hey? $10.10 for 3 people's entertainment for 5 hours. I abandoned all pretext of trying to pick a favourite jockey colour {of his shirt, not his skin} in favour of the much more scientific & more lucrative method of using the horses names as my trigger.

HA! Did you see what I just did there? I managed to utilize the word "trigger" in a paragraph about horses names. I'm a frickin' Super-Genius! Fav name of the day: Zippy Du Da.

Saturday evening meal at MY restaurant Lazia. I can't even describe to you how much I love this place. The food, the atmosphere, the drinks, the service, the fact that Velvis picked up the cheque... all good reasons to go again! Velvis keeps trying to tell me there are other restaurants in Edmonchuck, but I think she's dreaming.

Speaking of dreaming, whilst sleeping in the Batcave, I had a fabulous dream! It was Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones with a trio of vampires thrown in. Fun stuff! If I could only remember it, I could be the next JK Rowling!

But, I digress.

We managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the casino, Kenny Rogers didn't love me this time, neither did the Green Jade, the Jade Monkey, the Triple Diamonds, the Flaming 7's or anyone else I met there. Didn't win on the slots, either. We did stumble onto a great Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute band playing in the casino lounge for a packed house of 7 people & one cougar.

Brunch out on Sunday ~ not a hash brown to be had at Chez Velvis {you think she'd be more prepared, really, she knew we were coming & all that, but there's just no training some people...} more shopping at PetSmart for the furry boy's new comb

~ it is awesome! Anyone with a furry roommate MUST purchase the Furminator. You will not believe all the hair that you'll collect. You just won't. You'll be sitting there, Furminating your pet, saying to yourself, "I don't believe all the hair I'm collecting off this one little animal." It's true. That's what you'll say.

Anywoo, all good things must come to an end, or be postponed until next time, so FancyPants & I headed off into the sunrise for home.

Velvis, as usual, you were a fab host & if you would only get your hash brown issues under control, it would have been a perfect weekend.

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Headgirl said...

wHAt an un-gratful guest you are!
Plentiful hash-browns are your mark of being a good hostess!
TY I'm a loooooooooooooooong way away!
Only joking dear!!!!!
Enjoyed the post.
Best wishes