Monday, June 04, 2007

Garage Sale

Tam & Fritzy {Fritzy being off fishin' & missing all the fun} generously offered to host the gang in their expansive garage for a joint sale of 4 couples + 1. PK & I brought over a vehicle full of stuff & priced it relatively cheaply ~ I thought.

Apparently, my junk isn't very enticing, as many a shopper walked right by my wares on the way to bigger & better things offered by Betty & J-Rod, Tam, & Pebbles. I even slashed prices in the afternoon {going 50% off} & still, not as much interest. Does this mean that we're down to the nitty-gritty of crap in Chez Wilma? Does this mean that I will stop trying to Clean Sweep? No, & no.

Joyfully, 1/2 our stuff sold {some for so cheaply it physically hurt me to part with it, but c'est la vie} & we both agreed that we were not bringing anything back into the house. I had a back-cracky appointment today & so we loaded everything up & donated it all to the Sally Anne.

Luckily, I made just enough cashola that I am able to buy that fabulous red purse in the Land of Loose that I've had my eyes on. I'll be slaving there on Wednesday, & so arranged with the shop-keep to hold it for me until then. It's so purty!

In other news, Puffy bought me an electric guitar tuner for an early birthday prezzie. He so sweet! Mayhaps he's just sick of listening to a flat guitar?

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