Tuesday, April 17, 2007

L.A. ~ Not For The Out Of Shape

Well, boys & girls, I'm back & I hurt. Everywhere. I have blisters on my heels {new shoes}, aching calves & sore back {marathon shopping day}, can't decide what to eat {Spago ruined all other food for me}, & I'm cold.

LA 2007 was a great trip. We did a lot, saw a lot, ate a lot, tanned a bit, had a fantastic time.

Reports will be posted slowly, as to continue to peak your interest & to milk the 4 days for as long as humanly possible.


flibirdijibit said...

sO GLAD YOU ARE BACK AND HAD A JOLLY GOOD TIME. HMMM FOR SOME REASON THIS IS IN CAPS LOCK....what did you eat at Spago!!!!!???? Did you take a picture of it?

Wilma said...

Be patient, oh Pebbly one, all will be revealed once my laundry is done.