Saturday, January 20, 2007

T3 Travels - Winnipeg

After much deliberations {1 month}, much debating {should we fly? should we drive? should we fly? should we drive?} & a change in travelling companions {ConMan sick, substitute T3 instead} we headed out of Dodge at 9:30 AM at a snail's pace {frost coming out on highway} bound for The Peg.

Travel was good, roads cleared, the weather was great {-5 or so} had lunch in Regina at 2 PM & hit The Peg at 9:30 PM. It felt like 5 AM however, since we had been driving in the dark for hours. Got to the hotel at 10 PM. T4 got back from the show after midnight, & naturally we had to drink some wine & exchange some gossip.

Shopping, shopping, shopping! Oh, we did manage to eat once at 2:00 at an AMAZING Vietnamese restaurant {best fresh spring rolls EVAH!} & checked out some of the costumes for the show.

T3 played Tour Guide & took us past all the hotspots ~ The Forks, The Fairmont Hotel {all 17 of them!}, this building & the blood pool across the street from it {no joke} where someone tried to kill a man early that morning, more shopping ~ I've now got an addiction to hats...

T4 {The Talented One} gave us a complete tour of the MTC, met all the wardrobe girls, the wig lady, director, stage manager, most of cast, some of crew, checked out the dressing rooms, had a preview of the theatre while they were doing light checks, saw the paint room, met some set guys, basically felt like VIP's. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

Then, the show! The Rocky Horror Show! All I can say is...WOW! As someone who considers themselves a big fan of the movie version, all I can say is WOW! What an amazing cast! What an amazing show! What talented singers! The best part? The costumes, obviously {& I'm not just saying that because I know the gal who did them.}

Here's Frank-n-Furter's opening costume ~ all 9 feet of it ~ for "I'm a Sweet Transvestite"

and the headdress he wore in the closing scene {"I'm Coming Home"}. The actor who played Frank-n-Furter had a great voice, & I must admit, I was incredibly impressed with his ability to run across the stage in 4 inch heeled, thigh-high boots.

And the front & back view of the Usherette... note the open back! How sexy! BTW, she didn't wear any underwear under there!

Note: all costumes are the sole design of T4, The Talented One, & as such are subject to copyright laws, etc, etc. No plagiarizing!

Afterward, we attended the reception in the lobby where we were able to mingle with the cast & crew, T3 earned her title as our official Paparazzi by photographing most of the cast & crew while T2 & I sat back & drank wine & T4 schmoozed.

Met & chatted with Sasha {one of the very talented musicians} who coincidentally had also worked on Aladdin ~ we had a great laugh about me almost falling into the orchestra pit in Stoon {I exaggerate a teeny, tiny bit} & a belly laugh over me thinking the music was canned cuz I couldn't see the orchestra! Ah well, it must have been the wine talking.

Off we headed to "just around the corner", a euphemism for "walk until you can't walk any further, than go one more block" for the after-party. We mingled a little, chatting with the lighting designer & set designer, before heading home feeling like Cinderella after the ball.

We sent T4 on her merry way back to TO, stopped for a brief 90 minute shopping trip/look around Deluca's Grocery Store. The trip home ~ long but fun as we all told stories, laughed, & napped. Ran into a theatre friend during our stop in Regina for gas ~ just another buddy wearing a gun ~ I finally made it home at 1 AM.

Can't thank T2 & T3 enough for the great trip, T4 for EVERYTHING ~ place to stay, tour, free tickets to the show. What an adventure! I will definitely visit The Peg again.

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Anonymous said...

Great report, made me even more sorry I wasn't there to join the trip as originally planned. Yes,T4 is just so talented, not that I'm biased or anything...