Thursday, January 11, 2007

T3 Travels - Brief Teaser

The intrepid trio {T3, as we like to refer to ourselves} travelled to the teaming metropolis of Winnipeg in search of Theatre, Tasty Treats, & Talent. Luckily for us, all three were readily available.

T1 {that's moi} had never been to The Peg before, & loved the buildings, shopping, & restaurants. Did not love the walking ~ believe me when I tell you that "Just around the corner" is not to be taken literally.
T2 {formerly known as Mrs. ConMan} got to visit T4 {the Talented One}.
T3 {formerly known as Boozy Smurf} got to visit her bro, be Tour Guide & play Paparazzi.

I had so much fun, learned a lot ~ there's a lot of secrets to be spilled on a 12 hour car ride one way ~ & can't wait to go back to The Peg.

I'm off again for the weekend, so will post photos of T3 Travels Monday. Hopefully. In the meantime, check out the webpage for the show we saw.

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