Monday, January 22, 2007

New Favourite Product!

I am in lurve with Hempz Shimmer Bronze Lotion with self tanner ~ it's the Bird's Chirp!

I've been using this for a week now, & I have the most natural-looking fake tan EVAH {what an oxymoron, huh?}. This product will only make you so dark & then further applications will just maintain that colour. There are no streaks, no orange tinge, no nasty smell ~ just a soft tan, a warm & healthy glow.

I tell ya boys & girls, you gotta get some today!


Oh Joy said...

Oh I am all over that. I love that stuff in the normal lotion so I am gonna ADORE it in the shimmery version. Perhaps it will be my new thing for my girlz this year (note to one girl, don't run out and buy it b/c there's every good chance you'll get some soon).

On another note I heard a SHOCKING rumor that you took yourself OUT of this year's annual theatre!!!??

Wilma said...

Yes, I'm going to test-drive a few months as a lady of leisure to see how I like it.

flibirdijibit said...

Back to the lotion, so it's shimmery too? That's cool. What ya gettin' all tanned fer? I guess L.A. is only two cough's and sneeze away....gotta be tanned for that!

Joyous one: come be in play with me.

Wilma said...

Well, it's not really "shimmery" - I'm not sure why they call it that.
I just got sick of my winter pallor & thought I'd tone down the white glow a little.

Oh Joy said...

Oh you don't want me in your play--if that comment was directed at me. You really don't. You know how I am with commitment.