Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Top 6 Things I Do Every Day

As a lady of leisure {except I am working today ~ don't stress! I'm on my lunch break} I have developed something of a routine as of late. Now there's nothing wrong with this, boys & girls, because there is great comfort to be found in routines.

So here are the Top 6 things I try to do every day:

6. Blog ~ I know there are some faithful boys & girls out there who check DBM every day & so I don't like to disappoint.
5. Read Blogs ~ I am a faithful reader of 10 other bloggers, so I check out their pages for updates on a regular basis.
4. Watch Rockford Files on DejaVu ~ James Garner is a freakin' genius! There's something very satisfying in knowing he will likely meet a pretty girl, all will not be as it seems, someone will shoot at him, there will be a car chase & misunderstandings with the police, more likely to be asked to leave town than not, and he will solve the case when all others have failed. Lurve me some James Garner!
3. Pet the Evil Devil Spawn ~ but only if he asks for it. To do otherwise is just playing with the handles of your coffin.
2. Make a to-do list ~ I've got daily lists, long-term lists, "To-Do at Home" lists, "To-Do at Work" lists {that one is pretty short}, weekly lists ~ you name it, I've listed it. I've got a list of lists somewhere around here; well, if I can't find it, I'll write another list!
1. Talk to someone other than Puffy ~ I hermit a lot, & will be doing more of it in the next few months, so to keep my sanity & a toenail-hold on what I like to call the "outside world", I try to talk to at least one other person other than Mr. Kracker. Sometimes, all I manage is the Evil Devil Spawn, but I'm working on it.

Things that I hope to add to the list in the near future:

  • practice guitar
  • play organ
  • leave house
  • do dishes {HA! like that will happen}


velvis said...

Just a quick note to accomplish one of your tasks (getting out of the house), there is a new casino that opened very very close to my house, and I checked it out Sunday and got to do the $150 dance!!Maybe you should come up one weekend and we can do the money dance together!!
You know you are ALWAYS welcome!!

Wilma said...

The money dance! Haven't done that in a while.

I really should do my civic duty & make sure that Reitman's doesn't go out of business.