Saturday, December 23, 2006

Top 6 Cheesy Seasonal Pickup Lines

We've all heard them ~ bad pickup lines from some really lame men. I've got a list somewhere that I started in college {where, oh where did THAT go?}. So here's some with a Christmas theme, in no particular order {see if you can guess which ones I thought up, & which are real}:

6. Come sit on my lap, little girl.
5. You want to lick my candy cane?
4. Let's go play some reindeer games.
3. How would you like to jingle my bells?
2. Interested in seeing the North Pole?
1. Wanna play with my elf?


Oh Joy said...

Those go in the "Creepy Christmas Cheer" category. I do however, have a great picutre of me on Santa's lap as a teenager and he has his hand right there on my @$$. I should go find that and blog it.

Wilma said...

Oh yes, you must blog the Pervert Santa photo!