Sunday, December 24, 2006

Top 6 Christmas Hymns

The final in our installment of Christmas themed Top 6, here are my favourite Christmas Hymns, in order:

6. Angels We Have Heard on High
5. Carol of the Bells
4. Silent Night
3. Ave Maria
2. The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy
1. O Holy Night

Many years ago, I was very lucky to attend a Christmas Eve service in the place-where-I-don't-worship {the only other regularily operating church in town} & heard the most beautiful rendition of "O Holy Night" ~ a soprano soloist sang the section starting "fall on your knees" with such feeling & beauty that it actually brought tears to my eyes. This event, more than anything in my life, made me want to learn to sing.

Next time you're renewing your driver's licence in Dodge, take a new look at the owner. She sings like an angel.

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