Sunday, December 24, 2006

Too Brief Reprieve

Had a small window of normality this morning of about 2 hours. My funk was temporarily lifted when Conrad & Bronco B stopped by with some traditional Norwegian goodies for Christmas. I managed to translate my almost good mood into a spurt of activity, including showering, wrapping presents, changing spare bed, sweeping, and tidying the house a bit.

Everything came crashing down around me again once I slowed down & the blue funk is back.

I will be ever so glad to ring in the new year & hopefully ring out the bad mood. It's really tiring wallowing in depression, & super-hard disguising it during the festive season. Of course, running around telling everyone I've been grumpy for a month isn't the best camouflage either. Mayhaps a flaw in the plan?


chumly said...

Wow 2 Hours sound great. Sometimes I am lucky to get a few minutes. Happy Holidays anyway. I like your goals, at least the cats will be fed.

Wilma said...

Happy holidays to you as well.