Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Top 6 Internet Time Suckers

We all know that I lurve to spend time on the interweb, at all hours of the day & night. I've been slightly successful in cutting down my hours on the computer during the day, but the evenings {after Puffy has gone to bed} are killing me! I'm spending WAAAAY too much time out here surfing. Here's where I get lost:

6. Shopping ~ Amazon & Chapters have great websites with all sorts of things I would like to have.
5. Celebrities ~ there are several gossip blogs & webpages that I lurk on to find out the latest news & views.
4. Forums ~ whenever I do a search on something, if there is a forum attached I have to go in & see what other people are saying. Why do I care about their opinions? Don't know. Sometimes they're funny.
3. Blogs ~ I have a regular rotation of 12 blogs I visit, some are people I know, others are very entertaining strangers.
2. Emails ~ you may receive some from me at very odd hours of the night. This is because I fret about many things, & if I can't sleep I email.
1. Corner Gas ~ specifically the "Prairie Scramble" game. This is so addicting! It's computerized Boggle, & as of last night 2am, I had worked my way up to 37th.

I need help. Aidez moi!

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