Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Farewell Danny, You Will Be Missed

Roughrider head coach Danny Barrett will not be returning next season. According to this article, "General Manager Eric Tillman said the team would not be renewing Barrett's expiring contract, ending Barrett's seven-year tenure with Saskatchewan.... Tillman said he did consider bringing back Barrett for one more season, but in the end felt that it was time to go in another direction."

I am saddened & shocked {well, not really shocked, cuz there have been rumours for a while about his future with the club} by this news. I like Danny. I like his involvement in the community. I like his commitment to his players & his team. I like the fact that he keeps his composure & his good humour on the sidelines. I like that he has a sense of humour. I like his commercials for SaskTel. I like that he obviously reads this blog & took my advice on what uniforms to dress the guys in to heart.

Danny improved this club. Really, he did. I have the numbers to prove it. The year before Danny took on the head coach position, the record was 3 - 15. That's 3 wins, boys & girls. In the years since Danny took over:

2000 ~ 5-12
2001 ~ 6-12
2002 ~ 8-10
2003 ~ 11-7
2004 ~ 9-9
2005 ~ 9-9
2006 ~ 9-9

Now, some may say that they have been stagnating the last 3 years. I would not agree. A combination of drama off-field, injuries, trades, & retirements all contributed to those numbers.

I don't agree with this decision by Roughrider head office, but I will continue to support the team, MY team, even if {shudder} Kent Austin is hired as the new head coach as rumoured.
Farewell Danny. Best of luck in the future. Please stay in the CFL so I can keep up with your career. I will miss you on the sidelines.

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