Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Sick Room

In our house, we have a tradition ~ if one of us is feeling ill, suffering from a cold, missing a limb, they sleep in "The Sick Room" so the other one can get a good night's sleep & not be bothering by hacking/coughing/sniffling/moaning/whatever. The Sick Room is the room across the hall ~ far enough away as not to bother, but close enough in case help is required in the middle of the night.

Whenever one of us is in The Sick Room, we are not alone. No, I'm not referring to 'good thoughts' from the other one, guardian angels, God, or spirits. The Demon Spawn {the hairy little four-legged emotionally distant spitfire that lives in our house & tolerates our presence} joins the sick one in The Sick Room, curls up beside them on The Sick Bed, & purrs to comfort the sickie. This is when he is at his most adorable.

The Demon Spawn does not sleep with us. Ever. He occasionally jumps on the bed to 'Snoopy Vulture' over us in the morning, trying to will us awake with his super-mind-control-eye-laser-beam, but he doesn't sleep with us. Ever. The only time he sleeps with us is in The Sick Room. Do you know how comforting it is to reach out in the middle of the night, wracked with fever & joint pain, to find that warm, furry little body curled up beside you? Especially when he purrs instantly if you touch him when he is on The Sick Bed.

Now, boys & girls, I know there are some of you out there that will never believe me, but this is a true story. I wouldn't believe it myself if it didn't happen time & again whenever I'm at my lowest, feeling like crap & praying it will just all end soon before I lose my mind, I reach out & there he is.

Gotta love him.


Queen of Halloween said...

I believe you completely! One of my cats [not the spooky one]always knows when I'm ill and she's there for me...especially during my heart problems! Your cat only wants his own space and gives only when he wants...kind of like we do. He's just more honest about it! But he definitely has an attitude...yup, evil cat!

Bruno Rocco said...

yup pure evil cat i'm talking from experience here.

But I do believe he comforts you in the sick room .

Note to self: when staying at wilma's never sleep in room across the the hall from her.

hope your felling better