Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Next Week Will Be Better...I Think

It hasn't been the best two weeks here at Chez Wilma, what with all the computer problems, sickness, travelling, & general exhaustion I know I've been slacking on my postings. And I haven't been very funny. Tomorrow I head to Stoon with Betty for a 3 day trip, coming home Saturday.

After that, I'm all yours! Except for the house cleaning that is going to happen around here. There must be a million germs just circulating, waiting for the chance to strike one of us down again. Puffy is still a bit feverish & stuffed with a cold, but must go back to work tomorrow ~ poor him! So... who wants to come for a visit? Tea, biscuits & disease anyone?

Well, I may be exaggerating a teeny, tiny bit {hopefully} but I will clean before issuing any invites. Deal? Deal.

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