Friday, November 03, 2006

Limping Along, Can't Disappoint The Fans

So, computer still broken, waiting patiently for computer guru to clear us some time in his schedule. Life gets busy when you work full-time, have two young children & just spent 8 days away from home ~ so we're very understanding here at Chez Wilma, & will be very grateful to Fritzy when he comes over. There may be a couple drinks included as payment.

The dress rehearsal for our festival play went very well last night. Got laughs, applause & accolades so am happy. PK liked it, too! It's always a little nerve wracking when you are involved in the writing ~ will they like it? Will they get the jokes? Will they laugh? So we perform tomorrow at an event that isn't even CLOSE to being sold out. I don't know why I stress about everything in my life, but I worry that they won't have enough money to pay us.

Everyone out there, let people know that they should be attending the event tomorrow night, & get tickets now. RIGHT NOW! Go, get up from your desk & run, yes RUN to Dodge Town Office to get tickets for you & 7 of your friends {might as well buy a whole table, right?} so that us poor thespians can pay our hotel bill in Slow Stream.


Anonymous said...

Would if I could but distance prevents. Brake a a leg...

Wilma said...


Anonymous said...

"my sister, my brother, my ..." Those were the days, break a leg and you will do well as usual!!


Anonymous said...

Hoping to go to Dodge, Nov 10.
So will miss play in Slow Stream.
Want to house sit ?
Chef provided
Break a leg