Sunday, October 29, 2006

Word Of The Day - Chiropractor

Somehow, in the midst of all this sitting around working/playing on the computer & catching up on reruns of "The Rockford Files", I've gotten out of shape. I can't imagine how that happened! Maybe it's the 1/2 bag of chips I eat at midnight, the daily 2 hour naps, or the fact that I never get off my fat ass but somehow, I've become soft & wimpy. A good indication may be that I spent 2 days searching for my workout runners {black, need them for my costume in the Haunt} & finally found them at the gym, where I left them SEVEN MONTHS AGO, & haven't missed them until now.

I am SOOOOO stiff & sore from standing last night in the Haunted House that I am in dire need of either a chiropractic visit, or a 6 hour hot-stone massage.

The good news is that even though it seemed really slow last night, we put through 176 people ~ only 10 less than Friday. I hope everyone is having fun; I know I am. One more night & we're done ~ then it's just the cleanup. There is LOTS to do for the cleanup. Hopefully we can organize a workparty to take care of that. There may be beer involved!


Bruno Rocco said...

I could think of a few ways you could cure that back ache.

Paul Smith said...

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