Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hotmail Down, Getting Antsy

Tried to check my email today, and Hotmail is unavailable. This is unacceptable! How can I start my day without knowing if I got a letter telling me to send an angel made out of punctuation marks to 42 of my closest friends & something amazing will run across my computer screen?

I'm fed up with Hotmail & the problems I've been having with them lately, but am WAAAAAY too lazy to find a new email provider. Plus, I already have 5 email addresses {6 if you count the one at work that lately I've been unable to access for some unknown reason}, carefully compartmentalized for various aspects of my life, I don't think I can handle another.

Studying lines & practicing guitar. You'd think when you write the lines, they'd be easier to memorize, but no. Not so. On the plus side, am developing some fabulous callouses on my fingers. My guitar teacher will be so proud.

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