Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Top 6 True Small Town Stories

You know you live in a small town when....

6. The New Year's baby is born in July.
5. No one else has the same name as you.
4. The rule of never dating your friend's exes is out the window, cuz they're all that's available.
3. People know who you are on the phone just by your voice ~ and they don't have call display.
2. Six degrees of separation be damned! There are only 2 degrees of separation.
1. Your husband used to date your sister.


Anonymous said...

7. You can name your garage sale items by who you bought it from.

Wilma said...

8. No one knows their street address.

Wilma said...

Additional small town info from Bev:
1. You know who lives in almost every house. Proably who built it, and all the previous owners.
2. 4th generations are common, sometimes 5th generations.
Pictures of 5th generations are always posted in the local paper.
3. If you take a morning walk , you have to do it before 7:00 am, or most of the people are out walking the dogs.
And you know the dogs name!
4. You learn to curl, play ball etc, because they need another body for the team, and are welcome on the adult team.
5. Double first cousins , only in a small town.
6.You either elope or invite all the people in the phone directory to the wedding.

Shorty said...

Heres one this has happened to me here and in other small towns. People don't know which house you are talking about unless you say the names of the previos owners. Then they will know which one you are talking about.

Second, people know who you are if you say your spouses name or what they do and then there like oh ya i remember who that is so your their spouse.

Third everyone knows what is happening to you even if you only tell a few people. Word gets around in this town. Everyone knows everyones name and what everyones job is.

Mystique said...

Only in a small town will a shop owner leave a customer in their shop alone while they quickly run to get something

Anonymous said...

Only in a small town can you get away with jay-walking. Even when you do it in front of the cops and your only 20' from the crosswalk.