Sunday, September 17, 2006

Self Improvement

People are always asking me if I get bored since I don't work full-time ~ or much at all. So recently I took a good look at what I do to fill my time. What I found shocked me. Here's how my days stack up:

  • 4 hours on the computer
  • 6 hours watching TV
  • 2 hours in washroom {yes, this is really true!}
  • 10 hours sleeping
  • 2 hours eating
  • = 24 hours of the day.
I've decided that this is unacceptable, and so will strive to do the following:
  • lower computer time to 1 hour per day {this will kill me!}
  • lower TV time to 3 hours per day
  • washroom will stay the same ~ what can I say? I have issues
  • lower sleeping time to 9 hours
  • eating stays at 2 {I eat probably 6 time a day}
  • that will free up 7 hours per day to fill with guitar practice, reading, and socializing more with friends.

Wish me luck!


Oh Joy said...

So you coming to get a pumpkin then? Oh and I have decided that the bum pumpkin will be for sale...for the right price.

Wilma said...

I think you should put a thong on that pumpkin.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Horay for more socializing with friends!

Oh Joy said...

Yes a studded thong. I don't have one. I'll get one from FlibJam, she has several.

Shorty said...

I should probably try that to. Spend way to much time on the computer and way way to much time watching tv. So i know what it feels like to try and change that. Well all the best to you with the change. I will be doing that when we move but it should be easier for me because i should be working then and have to unpack everything but once the unpacking is done then back to the same old me but i will be adding something new to me it will be work. So good luck again.

Anonymous said...

Somebody forgot happy hour? How are you going to throw those wine bottles if your not building up the ammo?

Wilma said...

Happy hour! Oh my goodness, well take 2 hours off the 7 hours that I've found.

Thank you very much - what was I thinking?