Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You Know What Frosts My Patootie?

You know that annoying KFC commercial where the family is sitting down to eat & the dad comes in & says "Sorry, I'm late" & the mom says "Oh, we just sat down" and he kisses her & says "Hot.... and spicy!" and grabs a piece of chicken?

Next time it's on, take a good look at the table. Mom & the two rugrats have full glasses of pop, chicken pieces, fries & salad on their plates.

  • Now look at the pop bottle. Full.
  • Look at the shiny glass bowls mom put the salads into. Full.
  • Look at the basket mom put the fries into. Full.
  • Look at the KFC bucket in the middle of the table. Overflowing. How would the cardboard lid ever fit on there? It wouldn't. Not in a million years. Especially if all the chicken pieces on the plates were put back into it.

And that's another thing. If mom went to all the trouble of putting the salads, fries & gravy in dishes, why is the chicken still in the stupid bucket? For the completely unnecessary product shot.

I hate this commercial.


Oh Joy said...

You are so insightful, you've caught something there. Clearly the mother is LYING to her husband. They obviously did not just sit down. This is obviously their SECOND KFC meal of the evening. The first bottle of pop has been removed b/c it was empty. The chicken dish was shoved in the dishwasher a tad too soon. Makes you wonder who ate with the family the first time. I think you just caught KFC mom in an affair. Good work Wilma. Expose the tramp.

flibirdijibit said...

Also explains why she's SO ultra horrified by his 'hot 'n spicy' comment after their kiss. She's up to no good there.

Wilma said...

Thank you all for the validation, it brings a tear to my eye.

I'm off to watch even MORE TV to expose even MORE trampy KFC wives. (I feel like an investigative reporter for Access Hollywood!)

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

P.S. and the great special on Tuesday @ KFC, is all the LEFTOVER chicken that they "NUKE".
Notice the microwave dinking next time you go through the drive- thru---
Buy a cooked deli chicken at the supermarket/ convience store instead

RealEagleScout said...

I say the same thing everytime that damm commercial is on....the bowl is filled woth about six sides of coleslaw, and the top will never fit on that bucket!

The last time I was suckered there (the May before last), I ordered the combo ribs and chix..2 miniscule ribs with two little slivers of meat...

how do they get away with it?

Wilma said...

Brainwashing. It's the only explanation.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree wilma you were in front of the eight ball for this one.

and secondly who can afford to go to KFC these days ?

You have to remortgage your house to eat their

wilma you always make me smile


Wilma said...

There's nothing worse than being behind the eight ball.

Try to avoid it as much as possible.

Bruno Rocco said...

Don't I know it.