Wednesday, August 16, 2006

29 Years, & We Still Remember

August 16, 1977 at the age of 42, Elvis Presley passed away. I'll always remember that day, bawling in the kitchen after hearing the news on the radio with Conrad.

Now, I'm not a grassy knoll enthusiast. Even though his name is mis-spelled on his tombstone, I don't believe he's still alive. I don't believe he's hiding out in a small Hawaiian town drinking pina coladas & getting caught in the rain.

I remember watching TV specials of him. I love to watch his movies ~ lacking in plot, character development & any award-winning acting though they may be ~ & I love to listen to him sing. I like to remember him from the '68 Comeback Special, relaxed, in shape, confident & wearing that smoking black leather jacket & pant.

I still mourn twice a year, today & January 8th.


Anonymous said...

I have been shown your blog, by Velvis and I too have been enjoying it. I am a huge Elvis fan and one year even got a pair of blue suede shoes from my adoring seester....I am in black today. Long live the king!!

Anonymous said...

Alright already,but there were more talented singers in that decade, -- the late 1950's, early 60's.
He was over promoted, by Colonel whatever. And he just happened to shake his hips , when TV was still in BLEAK & white. He only knew 6 chords on the guitar.
But I remember, my mother letting me go to see "Blue Hawaii" --in the big town of DODGE on a Good Friday. Proably praying the priest never found out!

Wilma said...

Bite your tongue Bev! Naughty, naughty sis-in-law.

There may have been more talented singers with more range & better guitar prowress, but no-one, NO-ONE came close to Elvis in charisma.

He had that "It Factor" every performer dreams of that can't be taught. That's why his fans still mourn, that's why his music is still enduring to this day.

And you really can't argue with how good he looked in that black leather outfit.